Get Bespoke Stop Motion Content From £385

We’re giving some animated love to independent brands by bringing them to life through playful stop motion.


No Competition

Social marketing content needs to be snappy and attention grabbing to set you apart from your competitors and animation is just that – enticing, concise and engaging.

Share the Love

Animation helps viewers build an emotional connection to your brand and social media posts containing video generate 1200% more shares than link and image-based posts combined.

It's Magic!

Animation allows you to go beyond the realms of reality! We can quickly explain ideas or emotions that aren’t possible with regular video and create an element of fun while doing so. What’s not to love?

What people say


Watch the video below to help you figure out what you want out of your animation and how long it needs to be to get your message/s across.

How does it work

Choose below the package and add-ons that are right for you and submit your enquiry. We will go over this on the call and adapt as necessary.

Arrange a convenient time for a video call where we will discuss your project goals and ambitions. If you want to go ahead, together we will book a shoot day.

We will send a detailed proposal outlining the animation creative.

50% is required to begin the project.

Send any relevant products, props brand assets such as logos and fonts as well as finalised messaging if required.

We will animate the content on the agreed day and send you images for approval and review throughout the day on whatsapp.

We’ll send the first version of the animation for review and any amends you have.

The final version will be delivered in the requested formats and the remaining 50% payment is made.

Let's get animating!

Choose below which best suits and book a free consultation. If you book three or more animations, we’ll give you 15% off!


5 seconds

Perfect for...
One simple message
A quick unboxing
Single product spin
A moving flatlay


10 seconds

Perfect for...
2 key messages
More detailed unboxing
Product features/demo
Product range
Product construction
Boxing & wrapping


15 seconds

Perfect for...
3 key messages
Unboxing range
Full product demo
Detailed product range
Short process
Gift selection, boxing & wrapping


Explainer Video

Perfect for...
5 key messages
Service businesses
Brand awareness video
Your full process
Step by step guides