Live Workshop Sell Products with Stop Motion

Are you ready for an easy-to-follow system to set up a simple stop motion shoot, so you can turn scrolls into sales?
(without buying expensive kit!)

Sell Products with Stop Motion is your beginners guide to making a professional looking stop motions that sell. This workshop covers you whether you have no equipment, a basic kit, or all the gear (but no idea!). Get confident styling, lighting, framing and planning for scroll-stopping stop motion content of products.

Thursday 15th September 10am BST on Zoom (with a replay link)

Sell Products with Stop Motion includes…

The Workshop – a 2 hour live training on zoom with Q&A where you’ll learn my fool-proof simple set up system & see a demo of shooting and editing using the Lifelapse app.

The All-Levels Lighting Map – a failsafe on where to place your light source, your product and yourself!

Composition & Movement Guides – where your product should start and finish in frame.

Lifelapse Demo – learn how to animate using just your phone.

My Secret Ingredients Checklist – to a successful stop motion.

Workbook – your setup workbook to prep for your shoot

Replay link – for those unable to attend or wanting to rewatch the workshop.

All for just £59!